Psalm 23
I also do an arrangement of the 23rd Psalm with photo inserted and
person's first name sideways.

Glossy photo paper suitable for framing

This passage of scripture is often associated with dying,
however, it was given to us to live by.
Please note: Discretion
should be used when using
someone's picture. We don't
want to give them (especially
children) the idea that they are
saved if they are not.
Photos work best if the person is facing forward
(slightly right or left is good)
No large hats.
All photos do not do well. I would have to see the
photo to make a determination.
Photos can be sent by mail or email.
Funeral Folders
Wedding Photo
Sept. 10, 1939
I lost both of my parents (6 weeks
apart) in the summer of 2006. Tony and
Alta Turner went home to be with the
Lord and although they are going to be
sorely missed, we know we will see
them in the resurrection.
Then my dear sister, Becky Scantlin,
passed away Jan. 3, 2007 and left a
very empty place in my heart.
Becky was a talented artist and enjoyed
playing the piano and guitar. She and
her family wrote and sang gospel songs.
I really miss her.

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