Bibles for church display
We start with Styrofoam and cut the bible shape. Paint the
edges gold. Add a cover that is Styrofoam covered with black
leather-look vinyl.
We (now) add two ribbons (black and burgundy) so you can
choose which looks best with your current design. Additional
ribbons can be attached with straight pins. Extra ribbons drop
behind the bible out of sight.
Pages can be attached permanently with stick glue but most
churches attach them with T-pins or straight pins so they can
easily be changed monthly, quarterly or for special occasions
such as:
    Missions Conference, Mother's Day, Father's Day,
    Christmas, Resurrection Sunday, Fourth of July,
    Thanksgiving, New Years, Church Anniversary, etc.
Click on image to
see larger version
Display bibles can be decorated in various ways.
1. Scripture alone
2. Scripture and photo/picture overlay
3. Scripture and overlay plus embellishments such
as flowers, etc.
These are pictures of bibles decorated for
December with text on the gold ribbon (left)
Looking for that blessed hope... (right) and the
glorious appearing.
Embellishments include ribbon, cardboard tube
electric candles, trumpets, flowers,
bows and evergreen boughs.
Sizes and Prices
Available approximate sizes and current prices:
1. Large  60 1/2" x 39 1/2"  - $250.00
2. Medium  49 1/2" x 37 1/2" - $200.00
3. Small - gift size (approx) 9" x 6 3/4" - $30.00
Prices subject to change with materials.

Additional pages are $30.00 per bible.

Each bible comes to you with one print of your choice.
  1. Scripture alone or
  2. Scripture with text or
  3. Scripture and overlay with text

Additional pages may be ordered as you need them.
Bible Pages for sample designs.

Shipping and handling charges will be added to final cost or pick-up
may be arranged.

E-mail me for custom sizes at:
Janette Brown
303-748-8490 cell phone